The why and the what of YouthSpeak
As AIESEC, we are committed to mobilize young people to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. To make this happen, we are creating awareness & understanding about the importance of each individual contribution. Youth 4 Global Goals is the AIESEC Initiative through which we aim to mobilize youth towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
YouthSpeak is a global initiative that aims to make AIESEC a credible youth voice and to get closer to achieving the SDGs. It comprises of 2 projects:
YouthSpeak Survey - here we collect the opinions of the young generation;
YouthSpeak Forum - here we create a platform that brings together both young and senior leaders to discuss upon the findings of the Survey.

YouthSpeak Survey

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YouthSpeak Survey (YSS for short), is a global insight survey aiming to bring the collective voice of youth to different stakeholders that make decisions affecting young people. This survey gives young people a space to voice their opinions on key challenges, hopes, and ambitions, so the world we all want to see in 2030 can be co-created together with youth.
The first YSS happened in 2016. The core objective of the YouthSpeak Survey 2016 edition was to build an understanding about young people - what’s important for them and how they view the world among different sectors so that our future can be built together with young people. It collected over 160 thousand responses. It had 6 domains: Drivers in life, World in 2030, Youth 4 Global Goals, Leadership, Education and Engagement. You can find the 2016 report here.
YouthSpeak Survey 2019 will focus on three key topics related to youth: how do they see the world today, what are their career aspirations and how do they perceive leadership. You can read more about how it happen in Moldova here.
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YouthSpeak Forum

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What is YouthSpeak Forum?

YouthSpeak Forum (YSF for short) is a product run by youth for youth. The event empowers young people to understand how they can contribute to the SDGs through short and powerful talks and sparks interest in self-development through skills-building workshops.

How do we engage youth through it?

By participating in various keynotes and workshops, a young person learns about the pressing global and local issues. By engaging in conversation with their fellow attendees, a young person begins to identify potential solutions for the issues being discussed while empowering others to do the same.
Over the past 4 years we organized 3 YouthSpeak Forums: in 2016, 2017 and 2018 with a total of over 650 young people present, representatives of the government, UN, the private sector, and influencers.
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