How to create a Google Form Quiz

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So you've decided to make AIESECers' life harder and create a quiz to test their AIESEC knowledge. Good for you, I'm sure you and me could become great friends. We, MC Hora (19.20), decided that Google Forms are the way to go about creating quizzes, so the following article will be dedicated to how to create, edit and grade (either automatically or manually) them.

Create Quizzes

What is a Google Form Quiz

Google Forms is a tool that allows collecting information from users via a personalized survey. The information is then collected and automatically connected to a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is populated with the survey responses.
Here's an example:
Google Forms Quizzes are forms that will make the people filling them miserable as they are graded (you probably noticed the 1 point for question 1 and 2 points for the second one).

How to Quiz

To quicken the learning curve, watch this amazing explanation video, as, going further with the article, I'm going to assume that you watched it and use knowledge that you should have already picked up from it.
Take 15 minutes to master Google Forms Quizzes
Aren't you glad you watched the video? I sure was after I did it for the first time.

Quiz a la AIESEC en Moldavie

To make everyone's life easier, let's standardize and make sure that the settings that we want for the quizzes are checked accordingly.

Settings: General

Make sure to check Collect email addresses so that we collect the emails and have the possibility to send the results to the ones that filled the quiz or better store the results.
Check the Restrict to users in AIESEC as this will not only ensure that only people from AIESEC can take the quiz, but also that they are logged in and most importantly that every member taking the quiz has his/her AIESEC email created.
Also, check the Limit to 1 response box so that people don't spam the quiz, and abuse probability in the hopes that one version of their response will hit full marks.
Recommended General Settings

Settings: Quizzes

Make this a quiz is essential for the Google Form to be a quiz, so don't forget to slide that to the right.
For Release grade a rule of thumb is:
  • if you don't have to manually grade some questions from the quiz select Immediately after each submission
  • if you have to manually grade some questions - Later, after manual review
The recommended settings for Respondent can see are Missed questions (so that they know what questions were answered wrong) and Point value (so that they know if they failed or not the quiz). I would advise against checking Correct answers as this will just discourage logical learning and respondents will just copy-paste the right answers after filling the quiz once.
Recommended Quizzes Settings

Quiz template

For ease of use, and to make the process of creating quizzes faster, here's the template we recommend you use when creating a quiz: amazing quiz template. It already has the AIESEC blue color set, which, btw is #037ef3, the aforementioned recommended settings checked and a few default questions that we recommend having in your quiz.
Just make sure to make a copy before starting editing your quiz.
How to make a quiz copy
If you want to go hardcore mode and create a quiz from scratch, just make sure to create it here.

Using Quizzes inside AIESEC in Moldova Wiki articles

To include quizzes in the wiki articles, simply click on the Send button in the right upper corner, go to Send via Link, optionally check Shorten URL to make the URL prettier, copy the URL and just paste it inside a new paragraph and press enter on your keyboard.
Get the Google Form Link
The link to the quiz should look like this:
Click on the link to take the quiz


My recommendation for grading would be to be consistent. The sum of the points doesn't have to be 100 or some other "round" number. I recommend to give 2 points to a single single choice answer and 1 point for every choice in a multiple choice answer (explained below).

Hacks, because no software is perfect

Shuffle Option Order

To ensure that we have responsible people that will use their brain to fill the quizzes, check the shuffle option order on the Multiple choice questions and shuffle row order on the Multiple choice grid questions so that every time the quiz loads the random of the choices will be different.
Multiple choice question example
Multiple choice grid question example

Multiple Choices with Partial Grading

If you want to have multiple choice questions and don't want to manually grade the quiz, then this is the workaround that I have found.
Create a new question and select the Multiple choice grid question.
Multiple choice grid question
Populate the Rows with your multiple choice answers and the Columns with either Yes/No or True/False (or whatever other alternative you can come up with).
Rows and Columns
Click on the Answer key to assign values to the answers. Select the appropriate response for each choice and (this is very important) assign points to every question, even if it's false, otherwise the respondent can just answer true to every choice and get max points for the question.
Points for everyone
And you're done! This is how the finished product should look like:


Collect Quiz Answers and Grade Student Responses

Get your PhD for Google Forms Quizzes here