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Everything you need to know to use AIESEC in Moldova Wiki to the fullest.

The Side Menu

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Menu seen on the phone browser
From here you can access all the articles available on the wiki. Some of them have sub articles. Click on the down arrow to see the links.


As you might have noticed, the wiki is currently divided into 2 groups:

AIESEC Knowledge

There you'll find all the information you'll need to know about AIESEC: from articles about AIESEC History to the AIESEC Products that we run.
Everything to make you a better AIESECer.


This group contains everything you need to know to be a productive member of your department, all the branding (logos, slides and how to use them) materials, and Reports to stay up to date.

The Search tool

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Search Box seen on the phone browser
A seriously powerful tool that will allow you to find everything on the wiki just by typing words or phrases. Click on the search tool and start typing what you want to find


You heard at the last LCM something about a number, you think it's 2020, so you enter the wiki platform and type 2020 in the search box:
Typing 2020 in the Search box
And because this is a smart search tool, it gave you everything it thought relevant:
  • the AIESEC 2020 article
  • the instances of 2020 it found on the whole website
  • and then, because it saw you are searching for a 4 digit number, it gave you the other instances where there is a similar number on the website, in this case 2010
This way, even if you didn't hear right about the year, and came home and typed an aproximation of what you remember, let's take 2000 for example, you'll get a very similar result:
Typing 2000 in the Search box
You decided find out more (or refresh your memory) about your department: iGV.
Typing iGV in the Search box
The search tool not only gave you the iGV article, but also some information about the MKT department and what their responsibilities towards your department. Neat, right?

How Helpful is this?

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At the end of every page you might have noticed these 3 faces:
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Please let us know whether the article helped you as we aim to make it better and better with every iteration. It literally takes less than 1 second to click on the little faces.

One last thing:

Now, please don't forget to let us know if you enjoyed reading this article by practicing your clicking on the Was this page helpful form. Cheers!