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What is iGV?

Do we REALLY have to discuss this? Maybe if you are from another department and you got lost in the multiple of articles that we provide here for your better understanding of AIESEC but to be serious, you have to know what iGV is as well 😁.
iGV ( Incoming Global Volunteer) - assumes that we facilitate as hosts (thats why we are also called a Host Entity as iGV) a volunteer experience for people/foreigners that are coming to our country. iGV is the department that is responsible for EPs experience from Open to Complete (you'll get to know about this later).

iGV is responsible for:

  • EP attraction
  • EP Support during all the phases of the experience
  • IR Partner Communication and Support
  • EP interview
  • Enablers rising
  • Cover through co-delivery the delivery of all 16 Strandards
  • Help with VISA process
  • Servicing Plan


Yes, we are and you know why? We have our own page!!!! Can you name another department that has one?
Check it here: WE are iGV
Yes, I want to say that iGV is number 1! You lucky!

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