Buyer Persona

Almost the person who liked or shared our Facebook post. How can we make the "almost" disappear and get to know more people that will be interested in us?
A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. It’s based on market research, actual data about your existing customers, and a few (educated) assumptions. It helps you to understand and relate to an audience that you want to market your products and services to.
Frankly speaking, our customers/buyers are the youth, those who we address through our online and offline presence.


Buyer personas are situated at the heart of any marketing strategy, and throughout every part of the Inbound process. If you can’t engage with your potential customers in a relevant and contextual manner, you will lose their trust and interest. Once you have lost someone’s trust and interest, it’s hard to get that back. (You can’t make a second first impression!)
But more so than anything else, buyer personas inform you of what your business should be doing to help potential customers. Without buyer personas we wouldn’t know what content to create, which material to share, how we should direct our marketing efforts or where we can improve our presence. They are the context of the narrative, the framework which houses our efforts. They are the compass which determines the direction of our journey and where we should be going.
Remember, the purpose the purpose of constructing buyer personas is so that you know exactly who to attract, who you want to delight with your astoundingly good content and insight and, eventually, get on board with your business.