To oGV or to oGV - this is the question...(technically the statement, but it looks fancy when you quote the man, William Shakespeare).
Outgoing Global Volunteer is one of the core departments in AIESEC as it is related to EXCHANGE. We are those who will make sure that the youth in our country will pick the best GV projects and will have an amazing experience in a foreign country. Global Volunteer is our newest program and it surged from the need of having shorter experiences (from 6 - 8 weeks) in the development sector.

Fundamentals for a member in oGV:

Step by step you will know them, take a deep breath :)
In this journey after each two chapters you will have a quiz meant to help you understand what you got it and what you have still to work on. Good luck!
Main oGV Department tasks:
  • Process Sign-Ups
  • Interview the potential customers
  • Provide any information for the EP before, during and after the exchange experience
  • Deliver Exchange Standards

Test your knowledge:

Quiz 1. (Value Proposition, Buyer Persona and Customer Flow) -

Quiz 2. (Process Time, Exchange Standards and SDG Alignment) -