#1 Clarity of Who

You will understand the importance of Clarity of Who and how that shapes the membership journey.
You probably saw this topic many times already from inductions, conferences, MC sessions and so on, but what does it means the Clarity of Who? Well, for starters we need to understand that the “who” we see here comes from the Golden Circle. This kind of view stated becoming more necessary once the vision 2015 finished and we saw a need to clarify our own Golden Circle in AIESEC.


WHAT DOES IT MEANS: In the end of the day, if our why is not strong enough and doesn’t resonate with the membership, they will be working only for the sake of working and not because they truly know that what we do matters. This is what we base our culture , it’s the moving energy and what connects us all. In a sense, it is the reason of our existence and why we are relevant to the world.
We need to know who we need to be to achieve 2020.


WHAT DOES IT MEANS: How is our method of making the why possible, because there is no way that we can achieve our goal without a clear way of working over it. It’s our tools and processes which are ours and which deliver the best AIESECer experience to make the journey fruitful and relevant to all involved. If we don’t plan for it, we can’t say we are developing the leaders we believe the world needs.
WHO WE NEED TO HAVE IN THE ORGANIZATION? Inside the organization we will always have members and leaders which will live the experience and deliver it too, so we must have clear how our human capital can live a proper AIESEC experience to make it count for themselves and for our stakeholders too. We need to understand how, as TMers, we facilitate this process with the leadership body to give the chance for them to evolve while supporting the process if necessary. It’s important to note that the members’ experience depends a lot on the leader, so it’s not TM obligation to solve always all for them. We can help, support, give suggestions and for sure be there for them, but the growth process is done by the team because the experience depends 100% on them putting effort to it. Just do your best to prepare them and trust them to do it.


WHAT DOES IT MEANS: What do we do to make it possible? As TMers our what is done by delivering the TM processes and ensuring that our leaders deliver the Team Standards. The processes the area has is to ensure a clarity of our work (for us and for the network) and alignment in all entities, so while the delivery may vary depending of the reality there are minimums we all are expected to deliver. As for Team standards is how we see the needs of a leader to deliver to make better team experiences, however always have in mind quality over quantity (if you do 100% poorly is it really better than 50% well done?).
TM AND EXCHANGES To be able to enable young people to develop leadership as we promise we must ensure that our leaders know how to do it and that our members are ready to deliver the best experiences. If our members are not connected with AIESEC and don’t feel engaged, they will have poor team experiences and deliver awful experiences to our stakeholders. If our leaders are not ready or well supported to deliver great team experiences, they will not develop their leadership skills and we will lose members and future pipeline which affects AIESEC’s future.

QUIZ #1 Clarity of Who