#3 GLE - Global Learning Environment

We will revise what are GLEs, but especially what added value knowing how to select one over the other brings.
The Member's Journey
GLE is the possible environments that enable our members, team leaders and executive boards to learn competences, understand AIESEC values, and ultimately live the inner and outer journey and develop the leadership qualities. But… what’s the importance of getting to know them? Learning how to choose the right learning environment for the space you want to deliver will improve or lower the quality of your space. (ex. you wouldn’t want to practically train each member of your team in a O2O environment, or have a strictly personal conversation with a person in front of a whole plenary). The choice is based on the message standardization, reach and personal customization that you care to deliver.

Types of Global Learning Environments (GLEs)

Team Space It's a formal or informal space that happens with the team members and the team leader of the same team. The environment is related to anything that happens with a team, whenever there are all its components (members).
  • Team Meeting
  • EB meeting
  • Team Working Time
  • TL delivering a session to members
  • Functional VPs delivering a session to their own team of TLs
  • Members delivering a space for the team
Learning Circles This environment differs from the previous because the group doesn’t necessarily have to correspond to the team, and generally they don’t work together for quite as long. The learning circles are environments in which you are with a group of people bringing different perspectives to the discussion, that is not related exactly with the job you need to work in the end within your team.
  • Tribes
  • Any group in the LC that is not just one team
  • Short-term assignments groups (ex. 2-weeks task-forces)
  • Group Reflections / Games
One to One Mentoring This environment is related to any space that involves two people only, one being the mentor, the other being the mentored person. It's a discussion guided by the mentor in order to help/improve the mentored in specific points (personal or professional). Normally, this space is guided by questions from the mentor to the mentored in order to help him/her to think and find his/her own conclusions.
  • O2Os
  • Coaching
  • Consultancy Spaces
  • Individual Tracking
Conferences and Seminars This environment is related to any conference or seminars, may it be local or national, in which a speaker is talking to a larger public.
  • National/International Conferences
  • Local Conferences
  • Functional Summits
  • LC meetings
  • Trainings delivered by Partners, AI, MC, EBs or any other bodies
Virtual Spaces This environment is related to any space delivered fully virtually and that does not correspond with any previous GLE (ex. an online team meeting is still GLE #1)
  • Webinars
  • Functional or Management Academies
Self-Reflection This environment is related to any space that involves individual or group self-reflection.
  • LEAD Spaces
  • Time during a session to journal or write down thoughts
  • Letters to the future

QUIZ #3 GLE - Global Learning Environment