#4 Team Standards

You will understand the overview and the importance of Team Standards and how you implement Team Standards effectively.
What are the phases a team goes through? Which Team Standards are required in each phase?
Whose responsibility is it to implement Team Standards? It is every Team Leader’s responsibility to deliver Team Standards for their Members. Talent Management empowers Team Leaders to deliver it, and assesses the implementation across teams and functions.
Who is a Team Leader? So now, Team Leaders are not only Middle Managers.
  • They are TLs who lead members
  • They are OCPs who lead the OCVPs
  • They are LCVPs who lead Middle Managers
  • They are LCPs who lead LCVPs
  • They are MCVPs who lead LCVPs* and NST (National Support Team)
  • They are MCPs who lead MCVPs and LCPs*
Please find more information about Team Standards in the file below.

QUIZ #4 Team Standards