General Knowledge

Learn everything you need to know about being an amazing and knowledgeable AIESEC member
Welcome to the first part of the National Educational Cycle!
We recommend you read the material for each chapter and then take the test. But if you want to go with the hardcore option you could read all of the chapters and take all of the tests, if you do decide on the latter: may the AIESEC gods have mercy on your soul!
Instructions how to use National Educational Cycle: - There are 6 topics, each topic has one or two links to articles you have to read and the quiz. - You have to go through articles and after that to come back to the main page which name is ”General Knowledge” and fill the quiz or you can do it directly at the bottom of every article that's part of the NEC Spring 2020. Be proactive, and we hope you will enjoy it!

Get Your Knowledge Here

AIESEC Way and AIESEC History
Take the AIESEC Way and History Quiz here

AIESEC in Moldova History
Take the AIESEC in Moldova History Quiz here

National Structure and Opportunities
Take the National Structure and Opportunities Quiz here

Exchange Products (GV, GE, GT)
Take the Exchange Products Quiz here

EwA (Engagement with AIESEC) Products - YouthSpeak

Team Standards 101
Take the Team Standards 101 Quiz here