All you need to know about Outgoing Global Volunteer.
Our EPs after arriving to the exchange country be like:


Outgoing Global Volunteer team is responsible for creating local strategies on converting opens to applicants, applicants to accepted and accepted to approved, decrease the process time at the local level between the customer flow stages.
As a member of this Front Office unit, you need to have a good understanding of the product(GV) and also know how to manage a goal orientation. EXPA is the platform where AIESEC members use to manage the Exchange Participants (EP).
Both teams shall track on applicants, developing the EP Flow to assure growth in conversion, create a concept of promo offline and online when needed, collaborate with Marketing and PR department in order to create intern campaigns and last, but not least, to have a cool journey in the organisation.

oGV main responsibilities:

  • Customer support at all stages of the process
  • IR Partner support (HE) at all stages of the process
  • Guarantee through co-delivery the delivery of the 16 Standards
  • Potential customer raising through offline promo
  • Promote IR partners projects
  • Alignment over NPS and Standards survey
  • Tracking of customers

Knowledge to have:

  • Conversational English knowledge
  • Calendar management
  • Effective communication
  • Accounting (keeping track of customers) knowledge
  • Basic sales skills