All you need to know about Talent Management.


The TM department is reponsible for our dear members. The role of Talent Management is predicting the outcomes, diagnosing problems and prescribing actions on the people side that will bring value to the organization.
TM is about getting, developing and keeping the right people in AIESEC to ensure achievement of the organizational goals. Main KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) therefore relate to how our entity/membership are achieving the organization’s goals in TM are of GET, Develop and Keep.
Because TM has a lot of freaking things to know, below are the main things to know.

TM main responsibilities:

  • Recruiting new members in AIESEC
  • Implementation of the motivation system in AIESEC
  • Development of members through human resources tools
  • Evaluation of members' performances
  • Evaluation of the level of involvement of the members in the organization
  • Making sure that members are achieving their goals
  • Goal setting for members
  • Tracking and Reporting of Membership Experience
  • Onboarding Tracking of New Members

Knowledge to have:

  • Basic use of Google Sheets
  • Organization, attention to detail
  • Recruitment, selection and induction understanding
  • Good interaction with the members
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